Excursion to the Amari Village, on Psiloritis Mountains

Amari Village - Crete, Αμάρι Κρήτη.jpg

Some weekends are meant to be lazy ones; reading, favorite tv show and hot coffee by fireplaces and just that is enough. Some other times, when the every day's routine becomes a burden on your shoulders, you come up with a hidden desire to escape that couchpotato-ing weekend scenario and do something more, let's saying outgoing and energetic.

So, last weekend, 12 people and a furry little beast went up on the (Cretan) Psiloritis Mountain, in the tiny village of Amari to spend a challenging weekend. You know, keeping the fire burning 16hrs a day, hiking out in the wild beauty of Cretan mountains  and cooking for 12 people can be tricky sometimes. But, it went really marvelously well.

Χιονισμένος Ψηλορείτης - Snowy Psiloritis, Crete.jpg
Village Amari - Crete, Καμπαναριό Αμάρι Κρήτη.jpg
Village Amari - Crete, Αμάρι Κρήτη.jpg
Winter Oranges - Χειμερινά Πορτοκάλια.jpg
Amari Crete - Αμάρι Κρήτη.jpg
Amari Crete - Αμάρι Κρήτη.jpg
Amari Crete - Αμάρι Κρήτη.jpg
Sunset Psiloritis - Ηλιοβασίλεμα στον Ψηλορείτη.jpg