Absolutely Useless Web


After big doses of caffeine and many hours in the lab, you start appreciating these totally wasted sites in a brand new way. Press the "Please" button and discovered a different little gem to break your nerves a little more. My favorite discovery so far in the "listen until epileppsy comes to you" category is the Cut me off mid funk. Right after this, only a breath away come the Leek Spin (which is online again), the Walama ( for its face) the Hey yeay yeaaay, the Omg Dogs and the Chicken on a raft (+ a timer to calculate how well you don't are).

In the category "lukewark but somehow so cool" first in my heart is the the Pointer Pointer, the Patience is a virtue (which really infuriates me, as patience is not my strongest shot) the Drunk Ron Swanson  and the  I am awesome.

Come on, lose some precious time of your life and tell me your favorite one.

The coffee inside me sends you much much love! ❤