Bday Wishlist: Cooking & Illustration Books


Yesterday I was telling you about my concerns on start using an e-reader (by the way thanks for telling me your opinion on that! ) and today I made a wishlist of 12+ shiny paperback books. Okey, let me make clear that I not totally nuts. Cooking and illustration books are a guilty pleasure that can be enjoyed only in paperback books. That's all!

So,this year's finalists for my birthday's wishlist (in less than a mooonth :) ) in the category of "cooking books" are... *drumroll*

1: The Cheesemonger's Kitchen // 2: What Katie Ate // 3: Modernist Cuisine at Home // 4: The Sprouted Kitchen //  5: The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook // 6: Homemade // 7: Flour, Water, Salt, Yeast  // 8: Farm Anatomy // 9: Roots


Also we have the finalists of of the "illustration books" category. Ladies and gentlemen, let me present you the... *perky drumroll again*


1: Little big Books // 2: My Ideal Bookshelf // 3: The Tiny Book, Volume 2 // 4: The Lost Christmas Gift // 5: Matt Stephens, An Art Book // 6: Silhouettes from Popular Culture // 7: The Total Essential Travel Collection

Now let's become realistic! Birthday or not, I am still a undergrad with no job, so when it comes to the financial part I can't adopt all these paper beauties. So only 1-2 from each category will come home with me in the end of the day. *snif*

But hey, wouldn't be fun if we thew a giveaway and the winner  would buy me one of these books? No? Okey!

Have you any suggestions for me too? Any super-duper-cool book that I missed?