Not a Happy Halloween Post

(That's a little bloody, but it's the gift paper of my "Happy Halloween, ho ho ho!" )

Yesterday was Halloween. And you were all happy and excited, so I didn't want to be the bad guy. But how about today? We don't celebrate Halloween here in Greece and I think that that's unfair. At least not this time of the year. Our dress up-Halloween period is in February. However, we don't have rainbows made of carved pumpkins or ghosts everywhere. Girls dress like sexy kittens, sexy doctors, sexy tigers and sexy sexies and boys go for the I-wore-a-blonde-wig-and-some-fake-boobs-and-I-am-funny-now. If you are dressed up and you seem like a disgusting or scary-something you are a psycho. Nobody wants to look like not-fake/perfect anymore. Anyway, I am still here in front of a pc having ton of work to do. For the record ( and for you who asked why I am so absent the last month ), I analyze some mice behavior under stressful conditions. Biology studies are good.