Spending Few hours in Prague

Astronomical Clock of Prague

On our way to Budapest ( relevant post coming...) we decided to make a quick stop in a rainy Prague to stroll in the old city's alleys. I have heard before that Prague was magical with all her castles and grace, but that warm rain really transformed her in a fairytale's set that pops out of the mist.

We indeed had so little time, just enough to check the hourly show of the Astronomical clock, the Charles' Bridge, the twisting alleys around the castle and the castle itself. Our reward for all this walking was delicious, but touristy and a little expensive, roasted pork, sauerkraut (traditional German pickled cabbage), spicy sausages and a big cup of beer to keep us warm and running. :)

a mariorettes shop - Prague
streets of Prague
Charle's Bridge and palaces- Prague
roast port with sour cabbage and beer- Prague
Prague streets
Charle's Palace - Prague
stained glass windows - Prague
the view of Prague from the Charle's Palace
train station Prague

Expect the rest of our little trip in the beautiful and sad Budapest.

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Despina Kortesidou

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