Mixtape - En Tropicalia by WhenHmetJ

En Tropicalia mixtape by WhenHmetJ
Another summer mixtape that doesn't forget to extend the synthetic tropical feelin. For funk and mojitos, floral shirts and shorts, press play.

This playlist is made by "When Harry met Julia", find all of them here.

Credits || Authors and Playlist: WhenHmetJ

Fried bulgur with egg, asparangus, peas and scallions

Fried bulgur with egg, asparangus, peas and scallions

If you checked my latest lesson on Skillshare, you will know by now that it is ideal to combine proteins with carbohydrates in your meals, as proteins slow down the absorption of the carbohydrate, giving you the feeling of satietion for longer. Which means that you make better use of the energy of each meal and you don't crave food every 2 hours like a maniac. Ah, magical basic principles of metabolism. :D

On the recipe level, one of the easiest protein/carbs combos and one of the most favorite ones is the fried rice (carbohydrate source) with egg (protein source). However, on my case and dietery preferences bulgur comes before rice on taste and. So I though, hey girl why not exchanging rice with bulgur? And fry it with egg and seasonal green veggies? And since I have no second voices in my head apart from 'me', nobody denied this plan. ;)

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