Crispy chicken legs with a mustard crust

Well I suppose I am gone for a month now and the truth is I missed you guys. However this getaway was such a must if I wanted to concentrate in the one and unique event of my graduation. So now I'm a biologist with a degree and I'm bananas about this, plus I have some brilliant plans for the near future. But, first I will share with you the most simple recipe (like all delicious recipes of this world) for crispy chicken legs.


:: 12-15 legs (or wings) of chicken

:: mustard

:: flour breaded

:: salt, pepper


For the sauce:

:: vinegar

:: honey

:: black pepper


Boil the chicken legs (or wings) for 10'-15' depending on their size. Then drain the water, remove the skin and rinse the foams.

Let them cool and cover them with mustard and allow them to marinate. Then flip them in the breadcrumbs and fry them in hot oil. I recommend you to fry them in a small diameter pot, to avoid the hot oil splashing. For the dipping mix honey and vinegar (play with the proportions to find the analogy that you like) and serve while they are hot and crispy.

Bon appetite!

Playlist: Be (funk)italian

Be (funk)italian by when harry met julia

When "kitsch" finds the opportunity for exculpation and rollers occasion for dusting. If you are searching for a soundtrack that will upraise the dance moves from "Il Futuro è donna" and if you just found your old sequin skirt in the attic(no more moth food gatherings), this is your list.

{ This playlist is made by "When Harry met Julia", find all of them here }

Playlist: Isn't it a Lovely Night?

Playlist: Isn't it a Lovely Night?

Is not it a lovely night? Here's something to keep you company while cuddling with your significant other or while trying to take good insta, regardless of the neck pain and cramps. Tomorrow is the full moon, remember?

{ This playlist is made by "When Harry met Julia", find all of them here }

Playlist: Seasidal Tendencies

For you who have just finished with your summer vacations and for you that you don't even started them, for all of you, who shake the beach's sand out of your bags and for you who put your swimwear in that bag. For you, that you can't sleep from the car horns' noise, but also for you that you are lulled by crickets in some beach, here's the list that will (ex)tend your summer. 

{ This list is made by "When Harry met Julia", find all of them here }